Annual Meeting

The annual NETT meeting is held once a year. The date and place is decided upon at the preceding annual meeting according to the preferences and requirements of the host institution. The agenda is prepared by the host institution in cooperation with the organizational committee.

  • Matters to be considered at the annual NETT meetings include:
  • Presentations of new members / guests
  • Presentation and discussion of the system education and / or current educational issues of different countries
  • Workshops on issues in education, mobility etc.
  • Accounts or reports from partner institutions or guests
  • Discussions on good practice with regard to academic exchanges and staff and student mobility
  • Meetings between partners to discuss bilateral agreements
  • Distribution of information on courses and other offers of the different institutions
  • General policy, administrative and organizational matters of the network
  • Preparation of the draft programme for the next annual NETT meeting
  • Cultural activities

Each member institution sends at least one representative to the annual NETT meeting in order to guarantee continuity of the membership. Decisions shall be made by simple majority of those members present at the annual meeting, and we always aim at consensus and decisions are never really controversial.