Finances, Admin and Membership

Finances and Administration

There is no membership fee. The host institution of the annual physical meeting asks for a conference fee to pay for the cultural programme. The participants are responsible for the funding of their travel expenses to the annual NETT meetings.

The organisation committee is responsible for the administration of the network, e.g. for sending date and information about future meetings, contacting existing and new members, keeping records (minutes, membership list etc.). The committee can ask other members to help them with certain tasks.

The organisation committee (together with the technical support specialist) is responsible for keeping the website updated.


The membership in NETT is open to European universities and higher education institutions educating and training teachers. Admission can take place through invitation and application.

Any member institution can make suggestions for new members.

In order to maintain the opportunity for personal interaction and at the same time the diversity of countries represented in NETT, the number of (new) member institutions is limited to 2-3 institutions per country.

The members agree on the new partners to be invited at the following annual meeting.

The organisation committee decides in accordance with the host institution of the annual NETT meeting whether or not to invite potential new members to an annual meeting as guests to present their institution.

New members apply for membership by handing in a membership application form to the organisation committee.

Invitations to the annual meeting are distributed to members after consultation with the organisation committee.

approved at the NETT Meeting on 23 June 2021

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