NETT Organisation

Each member institution is represented at NETT meetings by one or more persons involved in international relations or exchanges. The organisation of the network is in the hands of an organisation committee.

The organisation committee (OC)

– the committee consists of two members (maximum three);

– one member of the committee can be elected as a chairperson of the network or two persons can share the presidency;

– the members of the committee divide tasks and responsibilities among themselves and inform the other members about the distribution of tasks and responsibilities;

– the committee presides over the annual NETT meeting, co-ordinates the agenda of the next meeting together with the host institution of the physical meeting;

– the committee presides over the online meetings (once or twice per year);

– the election of the committee and a chairperson takes place on a three-yearly basis (two terms are possible).

Technical support

In addition, there is one person nominated by the NETT members to assist the committee with technical support (updating the website and setting up the online meetings).